Paint for incrustation of seeds and planting material/production/sales.

Paint for painting the seeds of corn, sunflower and other crops (the incrustation of seeds, bulbs, seedlings, Mature plants and landscape design. Varnish colorless, and paint classic, fluorescent, pearlescent, Paint for seed incrustation, water-based, eco-friendly.

Advantages of paint FA

Scientists of the agricultural sector are constantly looking for new methods to improve yields and protect seeds and plants from diseases and pests. Modern chemical industry has developed many tools in this direction. Today in modern agriculture for presowing treatment of seeds is used inlay and seed treatment. This is the most effective methods of protection of winter and spring raw material from pathogens, fungi, mold and pests, as well as to neutralize internal infections of plant origin.

Etching is a special seed treatment organic or non-organic composition, in some cases, rich in trace elements and micronutrients. Most often such processing do pesticides.

Inlay is staining seeds. The seeds are covered with a thin colored film which protects the seeds from external damage and contribute to an active internal development processes of the seed.

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